Yuudai Kadar

The Mountain Bandit


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Living Steel Naginata, “Aosaginohi”
Cold Iron Katana, “Samebitokubi”

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Yuudai sold his soul to save the lives of his adopted family. He has a strong sense of honor and an iron will. He was glad to make the deal.

The Montagna Familia believes that Yuudai is dead. The Familia believes in reincarnation, and if they had known that Yuudai sold his soul, they would have deemed the price too high. Death is simply a pause in the great cycle of the soul, while a soul is forever.

Yuudai was surprised to find that The Collector was offering him the chance to buy his soul back (having thought that he had sold it off for good—he didn’t read the fine print too carefully). No longer with The Familia, Yuudai doesn’t have anything else going on, and so running errands is a fairly painless thing; especially if that means buying back his soul. Someday he might even get to return home!

He doesn’t enjoy hard work, but he won’t put his deal in danger. After-all: you don’t sell your soul for something you’re not willing to protect again, and again, and again (if need be).

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Yuudai lived with The Familia in the mountains, and not beyond. He helped attack passersby so that the village could survive, but he never “conquered” by any stretch of the word.

Before he lived with The Montagna Familia, Yuudai lived in the Butterfly Garden, an inner sanctum for high class prostitutes (like his mother, and younger sister). Needless to say, Yuudai has a very… specialized view of social interaction, hierarchy, and day-to-day life.

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Soundtrack (WARNING: Picked for Character Accuracy not Quality)
…Not that Yuudai would have great taste in music, regardless.
Here Comes the Hotstepper
Seven Nation Army

Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked
Not Afraid
Lose Yourself
Killing In The Name Of
Renegades of Funk
Lust for Life
Get’chu Twisted
Inner Ninja

Yuudai Kadar

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