Soul Survivors

The Only Things Certain in Life

In which introductions are made

“The ideas of debtor and creditor as to what constitutes a good time never coincide.”

Good mead and lively conversation were flowing freely in the Journey Inn when, with a flourish of his cape and a flash of his sword, famed hero Antonio Vittore burst onto the scene. Hearing the commotion, Yuudai, previously contemplating why he’d woken up in a bed rather than the stable he’d fallen asleep in, barreled downstairs to see what had caused such a disturbance. Arbezai Kokolyich, an exceptionally eccentric beekeeper, remained outside so as not to seem rude or presumptive. This was a considerably awkward decision, and he was promptly shown inside. Convinced there was no immediate danger from the patrons (who had altogether been minding their own business from the start), the gentlemen were shown to a back room full of plush seating and finely crafted furniture.

It was there that Fay, the fastidious gnome tasked with managing the Collector’s affairs, explained the situation. The time had come to make good on their deals. In order to fulfill their contract the group would be required to complete four tasks, at which point they would be released from service. When pressed for answers, Fay revealed that the terms of their service prevented her and her counterpart Felix from assisting. She did, however, advise against rebellion, indicating it had ended rather poorly for the last group.

Sensing that tensions were high, Felix offered drinks all around. While the trio discussed which vaguely-worded, seemingly arbitrary task they ought to tackle first, Spalt found himself on the receiving end of some rather unwelcome advances by Arbezai. Fortunately, Yuudai and Antonio came to an agreement and off the adventurers went. It seems there was a princess that needed saving.

The gentlemen found themselves in an arid desert at twilight. The perfect time, Yuudai thought, for a brief getting-to-know-you sparring match with Antonio. Following the match the trio agreed on the much more sensible decision to make camp before temperatures dropped. Unfortunately for Antonio, Arbezai was a snuggler and Yuudai was unwilling to share his tree. It was going to be a long night…



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